Welcome to Forbes Lansdowne. Our mission is to bring development to Africa, to help the people achieve their full potential.


Africa, potentially the richest continent on earth, has long suffered from exploitation and been taken advantage of. Our aim is to bring projects that are there for the people,  to do good business and improve the well-being of the people.


Forbes Lansdowne makes things happen in Africa. We act as a catalyst that enables deals to work, organising mutually beneficial arrangements for all parties involved. Business in Africa can be very difficult, but once achieved, immensely rewarding. It is not for those who think short term,  but by establishing the right connections and people, we make sure that the enormous potential is unlocked.

What we do

Forbes Lansdowne is a bridge between Africa and the West. It deals with investments, both as a principal and facilitator, in mining, infrastructure, real estate, as well as the agricultural sector.


Contact us at our London office:

43 Berkeley Square

Mayfair, London W1